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“The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode, but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.”

— Audrey Hepburn

About The CEO

Samara Esthetics is CEO Dania Samara’s company, a top-class acne clinic that focuses on revitalizing skin health by providing an abundance of luxury facial & body treatments, customizable to every individual. Samara Esthetics also happily provides lash lifts, tints, and brow laminations.
As an acne clinic and beauty center, we strive to help people feel comfortable in their own skin by providing efficacious and accessible treatments as well as educating clients on the importance of self-care. We work hard every day to create a respectful and professional environment that is pridefully recognized for offering genuine-quality services performed by the most educated estheticians with years of experience.

A Few Words From Dania:

"I have experienced breakouts for most of my life. But I didn't start this business because I struggled with acne. It is because I understand the pain that comes from a lack of self-love. Feeling powerless in the battle of societal pressures and facing a lack of genuine/healing energy, I longed to find a sanctuary for myself and others to connect, uplift, and take care of each-other. So I created it! That is what it's all about."

"Acne is more than just a pimple or two, it can rob you of your social life, self esteem, and overall freedom. My vision is to make every client I encounter fall in love with taking care of themselves, in hopes they find a sanctuary and enlightenment under my care. My passion is watching people flourish into their best selves. This, in return, inspires me. Being a positive force in the universe is my purpose. I express this through my Esthetic Craft"

"Please know, you don’t need to have severe acne to enjoy a Samara Esthetics experience. You just need a face!"

"Over here, we make an emphasis on using only the highest quality devices and modalities. Anything below authentic & effective elements will never touch your face. Pinky Promise lol."

"As Samara Esthetics’ CEO, my mission not only lies in physical results but in mindful ones too. When you leave the clinic, certainly you will feel refreshed, cleansed, and glowing."

I can not wait to meet you! - Dania :)
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3435 Camino Del Rio, San Diego
CA 92108, United States - Suite #317

Dania Samara’s Promise

Whatever service you may receive, it is 100% guaranteed to leave your treatment feeling understood, seen, and helped in the most careful and genuine ways. A promise from me, to you.

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