Face Reality Results

superior acne treatments with an over 90% success rate within 3-4 months.

Acne Consultation: $60

Your Acne Consultation is designed to become fond of your skin concerns, goals, and lifestyle. During this time, I will educate you on your specific skin type. We will discuss acne triggers, lifestyle adjustments, hormonal imbalances, supplements, and create a customized treatment plan. * Please attend your treatment with a list of your exact makeup and skincare routine including product names* This will be analyzed as well.

Acne Consultation & First Treatment $170

This will be the start of your acne bootcamp.
Here, we will perform your first superficial chemical peel. It is unlikely that you will peel during this treatment as it is a superficial peel, meaning it is formulated to be less invasive. During this treatment, we will focus on customizing a treatment plan for you. This includes discussing home-care recommendations, acne triggers and causes, stress triggers, recommended treatments, and lifestyle adjustments.

Bi-Weekly Acne Treatments $115

Treatments are performed in bi-weekly increments. During this time, we will also follow up on the condition of your skin & your homecare routine, making any necessary adjustments. It takes approx. 6-8 treatments over a 3-4 month period to get the most optimal results.

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Dania Samara’s Promise

Whatever service you may receive, it is 100% guaranteed to leave your treatment feeling understood, seen, and helped in the most careful and genuine ways. A promise from me, to you.

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