5 ways to improve acne FAST - From a Licensed Acne Specialist:

Dania Samara, CEO of Samara Esthetics

October 2, 2022

Acne is a complex, annoying, mentally and physically taxing skin disease. All acne has the same root issue, an excess of skin cells shedding. The normal skin type sheds one layer of skin a day, while an acne-prone skin type sheds about five! Did you know, it takes 90 days for acne to form? Healing acne is a time consuming process. But now that we know what acne really is, let's dive into 5 ways to improve your acne as fast as possible. 

1. Ice, Ice, Ice. 

Acne is an inflammatory issue, Ice is the fastest way to reduce inflammation on the skin. In return, immediately calming the acne down! There are plenty of fan-favorite ways to ice your skin. Such as buying an ice roller, taking an ice cube and running it across your face, or filling a bowl of water and ice to dunk your head for 5-10 second increments. However you choose to ice your skin, it is ideal to ice in the morning and night after cleansing your skin and before applying your skincare. 

2. Introducing hydration and exfoliating to your regimen the right way.

Chemical exfoliants such as salicylic acid or glycolic acid are staples in a good skincare routine. However, it is easy to misuse chemical exfoliants. Using active ingredients on your skin too frequently can actually cause the excessive shedding of the skin cells to worsen. Starting slow using the acid of choice two times a week, and slowly working your way up is the way. Exfoliating your skin everyday will only result in damaging the skin’s protective barrier. As for hydrating and moisturizing the skin, this is a crucial step to maintaining a healthy skin barrier. Transepidermal Water Loss ( TEWL) is the lack of moisture in the skin barrier, this will create irritation and furthermore blemishes. With a hydrated and happy skin barrier, your acne does not stand a chance. It is a common misconception that oily/acne prone skin doesn't need oil or moisture. Using a routine that includes exfoliating up to three times a week and never forgetting to hydrate your skin is a great start to the ideal routine. 

3.  Avoiding Inflammatory Foods 

I wish it weren't true, but what you eat is entirely connected to the state of your acne prone skin. Foods high in iodine and fortified foods are best friends with your acne. Iodized salts, spirulina, seaweed, dairy, bread, breakfast cereals, etc. All of which cause inflammation in the body, and in return, your skin! Slowly moderating, and cutting back on these food groups will make all the difference. Not only for your skin, but your overall health! Vegetables, omega-3 supplements, foods high in Zinc, and fruits will be your one way ticket to glowing skin. While you begin to incorporate new foods to your diet like greens, be sure to slowly introduce greens as the body has a hard time digesting raw vegetables. Get your body used to the shift in diet with smoothies, acai bowls, and using balsamic vinegar mixed with olive oil instead of salad dressings! 

4. Toner Mists!

It is common to overlook toners as a way to treat the skin, sometimes it's seen as an extra step. But on the contrary, toners are a great way to rebalance the pH of your skin, and give your stratum corneum (skin barrier) the antioxidants it needs! Toners with anti- inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties are game changers. In my treatment room, I use the GlymedPlus CBD mist. My clients and myself can not get enough of it. It's almost always out of stock, rightfully so! Taking two seconds to spray the face after the gym, after cleansing, throughout the day for a pick-me-up, anytime really! 

5. Getting help! 

Speaking with a professional will be your best bet. I am a firm believer in ‘Skincare is Healthcare!’ The skin is the largest organ in the body, you deserve the expert treatment and care of a skincare professional. Reaching out to a local licensed esthetician or board certified dermatologist will help you get a customized regimen and understanding of what's really going on with your skin. It's never a poor investment if you are investing in yourself, your health, or your confidence! 

Friendly reminder, you do not need perfect skin to be gorgeous or beautiful, rest assured you are beyond beautiful. 

Sending you tons of love and light, Dania Samara

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