Acne Diet: 5 Foods That Cause Acne

Written by Dania Samara

October 13, 2022

If only it weren't the truth… “It” being the fact that everything you eat as an acne prone individual must be taken into consideration. It's not fair to cut out everything you enjoy. Things like ice cream, fried foods, and candy are a part of life and should be enjoyed! But just like everything else in life…moderation is key! Avoid making these five food groups a staple of your daily diet.

1. High Dairy Intake

Dairy is one of the most inflammatory food groups out there. What is acne? An inflammation issue. Your skin is overproducing skin cells because it's inflamed! Acne prone or not, dairy is a difficult substance to digest. Add being acne prone onto that, it's a fine recipe for persistent blemishes. Luckily these days, its easy to make alternative choices that are still satisfying. My personal favorite is Oat Milk! There are a multitude of options such as almond milk, hemp seed milk, coconut milk, & more. It's completely fine to have ice cream or a latte once in a while, but consistent dairy in your diet may be the reason you find your skincare goals unfulfilled.  

2. Too Many Fruits & Veggies? 

Bet you didn't think anyone would say this was bad for you! I personally made this colossal mistake of eating 90% greens and fruits. While antioxidants and greens are great for you, they are raw vegetables and fruits. This means it takes a lot for your body to process. Having 1-2 hefty portions of greens and veggies a day is ideal. Maybe reach for a big salad, and some fruits throughout the day. But basing your diet off strictly raw veggies/ fruits may be inducing digestive stress, and causing inflammation. 

3. Gluten 

One of the most underrated culprits of acne would unfortunately be gluten ( bread/ wheat) This does not apply to everyone, but if you are acne prone it is most definitely worth a shot. Those with gluten sensitivity will experience bloating or indigestion when consuming bread. If your stomach ever hurts after a slice of avocado toast, this may be a sign to reduce your gluten intake. When you have celiac disease ( gluten sensitivity,) your body instantly develops inflammation and damage in the intestinal tracts and other parts of the body when digesting copious amounts of gluten. AKA acne! 

4. Sugar 

This is heartbreaking to type, but the truth must be set free! Sugar is the most inflammatory food out there. Causing chronic inflammation, sugar should be the first thing you cut back on if you are acne prone. Not only is the inflammation from sugar creating reactive skin, it highers your chances of diabetes, arthritis, heart problems, and of course tooth decay. 

5. Fried Food

How often do you consume fried food? If the answer is often, this is most likely a cause of your acne. You guessed it! Fried food causes inflammation in the body. This is because fried foods are loaded with saturated fats and refined carbohydrates. Causing your oil glands to overproduce sebum (oil.) More oil gland production equals more acne.

If there's one thing you should pick up from this article, it is to avoid inflammation to the body as much as possible. Avoiding inflammatory food groups will create an internal sanctuary that acne can simply not survive in! In no way is this article intended to food shame or tell you to entirely eliminate all the fun foods the world has to offer, but to be mindful how often you consume these acne triggering foods if you desire to clear your skin. 

Questions? Comments? Concerns? I'm all ears! 

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