Top Three Worst Skin-Care Trends:

Written by Dania Samara

October 13, 2022

The cliche saying “ don't trust everything on the internet” is cliche for a reason. At this point, we know to take social media knowledge with a grain of salt, but it has become even more tempting to give into the micro-trends of skincare, fashion, and more. Here is the dilemma, if you wear a T-Shirt that was once trending but it isn't your color, it's as simple as taking it off. But when following the micro-trends of skin care, this can result in long term if not permanent skin damage. Here are three pretty horrendous ones we've recently seen. 

1. Sunscreen Contouring 

Starting off strong, this trend is basically applying your sunscreen only to areas you would apply lightening makeup products such as concealer or highlighter. And for the contour, letting the areas you tend to darken with products simply burn in the sun. In another world, this would be genius. But in this world, this is simply a one way ticket to premature aging, hyperpigmentation,  and sun damage.  

2. At-Home Extensive Facials

What do I mean by extensive facials? Ever since covid came along, at-home facials became extremely popular which is amazing! However, with this came the trend to buy professional grade devices and neglect the use of them. Precisely speaking about High-Frequency devices. This is a device used to treat wrinkles, dull skin, and acne causing bacteria. Unfortunately, it has become a common activity to overuse and misuse such a powerful device. Leading to dry, irritated, upset skin! Since the High-Frequency device is an electric current, it may be best to seek a professional’s care for this treatment. 

3. Slugging

This is a double edged sword in my professional opinion. Slugging is the process of applying an occlusive ointment such as Aquaphor or Vaseline over your skincare. Once again, if this is mis-used it could create serious problems. Since this is an occlusive product going on your skin, it trumps everything and anything underneath the layer you applied. So, if your skin isn't properly cleansed, the bacteria is stuck. Or if you apply an active ingredient under the occlusive, your skin may face uncomfortable irritation… Making matters worse. Acne prone/ oily skin may also experience the development of milia (small whitehead blemishes) because this is an extremely easy way to clog your pores if they are sensitive. 

All in all, it always comes down to speaking to a professional to find the best route for your skin. Remember, skincare is not one size fits all. Reach out to a licensed esthetician or board certified dermatologist to get skin-care advice made just for you. And always, take the micro-trends with a grain of salt!

 Lots of Love, Dania Samara 

Questions? Comments? Concerns? I'm all ears! 

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